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How to Double Space In Microsoft Word In 2 Steps

Learning how to double space in Microsoft Word can make your work look neater and more presentable. Let’s look at how you can perform this task on a computer before switching to Android and iPhone.

Solution 1: Windows and Mac

Here’s a brief overview of how to double space in Microsoft Word for Windows and Mac.

Step 1: Whole document

If you need to double space the entire document, Open ‘Design’, ‘Paragraph Spacing’, and select ‘Double.’

Step 2: Partial document

If you only need to double space-specific content, you’ll need to select the text before clicking on ‘Line and Paragraph Spacing’ and choosing ‘2.0.’

Solution 2: Mobile

To double space in Microsoft Word for Android and iPhone, you’ll need a different approach.

Step 1: Select the text

Firstly, hold your finger over the text where you want to double space. You can also use the ‘select all’ function. Head to the main menu and choose the line spacing icon.

Step 2: Adjust line spacing

Now that you’re in the correct menu, change the line spacing to 2.0.

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