How to Change Default Font on Microsoft Word in 3 Easy Steps

How to Change Default Font on Microsoft Word in 3 Easy Steps

Microsoft Word is part of the Office suite that lets you create various document types, such as reports, menus, and tickets. In order to make them look elegant, you may want to play around with the selection of fonts available. If you’re like us, you can change the default font on Microsoft Word to one that you’re planning to use more often.

How to Change Default Font on Microsoft Word

You can change the default font on Windows and Mac, as the feature is available for both platforms. While we’ll show you the method on Windows, the process is the same for Mac devices.

Step 1: Access the Font Launcher

When you select the Home tab on the main menu, you’ll see a Font Dialogue Launcher on the left side. There’s a small square icon that will let you access all the font settings. 

Step 2: Select font type and size

Once you’re in the Font Launcher, you can change the settings for the way you want the default font to look. Fiddle with the type, size, style, and effects until you achieve the desired effect. You can also see view the result in the preview pane.

Step 3: Set as default

At the bottom left of the MS Word Font Launcher, you’ll see a ‘Default’ button. Selecting this will let you establish your settings as the default font on Microsoft Word. Whenever you open a new document, you’ll see that your settings have been changed and you won’t need to alter your font to the preferred one again.

Saving the world, one font setting at a time

Once you’ve changed the default font on Microsoft Word, you’re going to save the time and frustration of doing so whenever you start a new document. It’s essential for when you need to create batch menus or tickets within a few days, eliminating the need to alter the font every time. Of course, if you work in different styles and sizes for different occasions, you’re on your own.

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